HEX MAC Flexi Cap Auto Press Open
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Size (L x W x H) 66.5 cm x 39.5 cm x 59 cm
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Unique Design which make the difference with normal cap press machine!
An durable cap press ever with digital time & temperature control with auto open feature enables you to multi-task & help avoid over-application. there is 4 different sizes exchangeable under plates for heat pressing on different size caps, including low-profile, oversize, and full or low crowns.

Model: M-CAP
Controller: Digital Timer & Dual Temp. Control
Under Plate: Changable
*Base Platen Size: 70*180mm, 80*170mm, 100*180mm, 100*230mm  (Optional)
Power: 500W - 1000W
Voltage: 220V
Max. Tempeature: 225 Celcius
Time Range: 0~999Seconds
Gross Weight: 27kg 665*395*590*mm
Power Saving Feature: Auto Sleep mode after 2 hr stay unused

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